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Q Are you a “green badge” DVSA approved driving instructor?

A Yes. I passed my final exam in May 2002

Q What car do you use for training and why?

A I have a Suzuki Swift SZ-L, chosen primarily for its safety rating, but also because of its comfort.

I have found the reliability of this car to be exceptional which is why my last 4 cars have been Suzuki Swifts!

Q Does your car have dual controls?

A Yes, but they are only used when necessary in the interest of safety.

Q Will ALL of my lessons have a clear and defined objective?

A Yes. There will be no aimless driving around with no idea of what you are trying to achieve.

At the start of every lesson we will recap on previous achievements and agree on a goal to aim towards for that lesson.

“I will guide but not always decide” which means that I need you to work with me so that we can agree on the way forward.

Q Will I be the ONLY pupil in the car?

A Yes.  I have a strict policy of one instructor per learner.

Q I’ve heard that some driving instructors don’t turn up on time and sometimes cancel or re-schedule lessons at short notice. Are you like this?

A This is a good question and I’d be lying if I said I always turned up on time and never cancel or re-schedule lessons at short notice.  We all mess-up occasionally with time-keeping especially in a job like ours! I sometimes find that road works or traffic hold-ups means that I can’t always be exactly on-time. Other times clients have managed to book a last minute test and need a pre-test lesson urgently. (I’m sure you can appreciate that if you were in their shoes you’d want the same priority!) However, when things go wrong or a re-scheduling is made I pride myself on both communicating the information to you to keep you in the picture and also, if applicable, I will compensate you as specified in the terms & conditions we agree upon at the start.

(See Terms & Conditions for full information. )

Q Will I be distracted by your mobile phone when you receive texts or calls during the lesson?

A NO! All mobile phones are switched off!

Q Do you use routes that are appropriate to my level of ability?

A Yes. The area we use will be chosen in such a way that we can

Q Will we agree a pick-up and a drop-off point with you beforehand and can you be flexible sometimes?

A Yes. This will be mutually agreed upon.

Q What method of teaching do you use?

A This depends on your style of learning. If you don’t learn the way I teach, then I’ll teach the way you learn!

“One style fits all” doesn’t work because we’re all different. You will also be given access to my lesson briefing and recap notes via this website so that you can look up different aspects of the training process at your leisure.

Q How can I be sure that you’re up to date with recent developments in the driver training industry?

A I am a strong believer in keeping our minds open to new ideas and also in keeping up with all the changes within the industry. I attend numerous training events, seminars, webinars and conferences.

Also, every driving instructor must achieve an A or B grade in a periodic test conducted by the DVSA in order to retain their teaching licence and so remain on the register of approved instructors.

I am also studying for a degree in Psychology with the Open University.

Q Do you have modern in car technology such as in-car cams and visual teaching aids?

A Yes. I can show you visual examples on an iPad, diagrams, demonstrations and, if required I can provide you with a playback from the in-car cameras!

Q How will I know how well I’m progressing?

A All your records are kept electronically and I provide you with a verbal feedback at the end of every session. I also use the DVSA’s 1 to 5 star marking system where I track your progress during every session.

This is made available to you digitally or if you prefer in paper format.

Q Does your personality make it easy for me to ask questions over and over again without being told off or shouted at?

A Maybe I’m not the best one to answer this one but yes, I believe I have an easy going and patient personality and there’s no telling off or shouting. Have a look at my reviews on facebook

Q Will the learning be a friendly partnership or will you be calling all the shots?

A My style is to be positive and encouraging without criticism or sarcasm, with you at the centre being an equal in our journey together, passing my skills on to you so that you can be safe and Drive for LIFE!

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